A fragrance, an idea and lots of passion around tea.

Our story

Dear tea friends,

It all started with a fragrance: I was going up in the elevator of one of these old Hamburg warehouses when suddenly I got aware of this wonderful tea aroma. I had always loved to stroll into tea stores and I did love the smell of it. But it was only in this very moment that I thought I could make a profession out of my passion.
However, I wanted to propose more than the usual offer in the general tea business of that time. This is why I started to consider what the real pleasure of drinking tea was all about and I grew aware that tasting a cup of tea is like making senses and soul breathe deeply.

This is how I came to found the alveus tea manufacturers. With an international team of young people, all of them equally dedicated to tea as I was, I started to free my favorite beverage from its old fashioned image and to brush up the traditional tea business with fresh ideas and concepts. We not only wanted to sell tea but also meant to show the amount of up-to-dateness, joy, life style and pleasure that this natural product is able to offer.

Seven years later our daring start-up enterprise has established itself in the premium tea market. We have meanwhile moved and grown considerably. Our international team now comprises more than 40 tea loving employees. Today we are offering more than 1000 conventional and more than350 organic tea grades and provide the largest assortment of organic teas in Europe as well as an immense variety of  teas with natural aromatics. Due to this variety the company alveus has the benefit of an outstanding position in the European tea market.

Our experience and our professionalism have grown just as much as our production. But at the same time we did hold on to our original formula for success: a mixture of passion for the nature of tea, respect of its immense cultural background and curiosity about all the creative possibilities that tea is offering.

Ever since the alveus start up we are on a continuous journey of discovery to new variations of flavours. Year after year we are developing over 200 new grades. Our thinking and acting is international, we are open to ideas from all over the world and we deliver into 50 different countries – from Curaçao to Australia. We don’t believe it to be pure coincidence that our teas enjoy a specially large group of tea fans in the life style capitals of  Paris and Barcelona.

We keep preferring to walk new paths rather than beaten tracks in order to share our enthusiasm for tea. One of these paths for instance is our new website focused on the topic “Cooking with tea” which you can find under www.t-love.eu. A page where tea fans will find recipes for tea cocktails, main dishes with tea, tea desserts, tea tapas and lots of interesting information. And as tea does not only stand for pure pleasure of taste but just as well for healthy food, we have founded an initiative for healthy drinking together with a team of alimentation experts. One of the initiative’s actions for example consists in explaining to school children the importance of sufficient and healthy drinking and we offer them the opportunity to create their own tea blend. This is a way to join the pleasure of experiencing with the consciousness of tasting.

But we are far from running out of ideas. Just the same as from the very first day we are spurred by the wish to offer tea pleasure for all senses– starting with an appealing optic to a fascinating tasting adventure. This is why we only use the best ingredients and keep developing new and fancy tea blends in our Hamburg tea factory. The quality of our packings and our presentation materials underlines the high standard we are claiming for our young international premium brand.

Accomplished tea pleasure in a modern way – this is what the name of alveus is standing for.

We look forward to surprise and inspire you time and again as our business partner and as a tea lover.

Daniel Trenk

Our tea is available in specialized retail shops and through our online partners. Please ask in the shop of your choice or send us an e-mail to alveus(at)tea-family.info. We will be pleased to answer your questions.