Do you like black tea? With some whisky, cream or sugar powder you will conjure a powerful creamy taste.

Just give it a try: You could enrich your favourite blend on cold autumn days with rum and lemon juice. You'll have a completely new tasting experience!

Darjeeling prepared with milk (instead of water) and refined with vanilla and white rum, served icy cold - a pure delight!

On hot days nothing is more refreshing than a glass of self made ice tea. A mixture of black tea, fruit, sugar and ice will inspire you to create always new blends. Just let your creativity take its course.

Whatever your idea: as party highlight, aperitif or summer refreshment - cocktails are tasty and optical experiences. Why don't you try something new, e.g. champagne tea or the fruity "Evening breeze".


Black tea punch

Strong sweet punch as aperitif

Tea grog

Well for warming up

Daddy frost

Strong and sweet on cold winter days

Summer evening breeze

Fruity sweet summer mood

Champagne tea

The prickling welcome to your guests

non alcoholic

Bancha Gratiné

Ice speciality for special events

Yellow Submarine

Sunny as a day at the beach

Hot vitamin drink

Perfect in order to chase your cold!

Spring fruit melange on ice

As dessert or fruity refreshment


Fruity spicy vitamin drink