Jelly is not only a sandwich or pancake spread but can just as well be added to solid meat dishes.

Verrines are desserts in a glass specially well liked in France. But they are also being more and more popular over here. Tea with its wonderful colours is very suitable for the presentation of verrines.

Cake mixtures prepared with fruit tea will offer new colours to the batter. For marble cake as an example the effect of fruit tea is a completely different one than the usual chocolate mixture.

If in the evening you are preparing a big pot of tea, why don't you add some of it into your sauce when cooking the evening meal. You will discover a variety of new dishes.

Being made of fine powder matcha tea is an ideal cooking ingredient.

Cooking with tea

Tea leaves are enriching our food in a special way. They conjure tasty nuances into meat and fish dishes, into baked and grilled food, into fine entries and sweet desserts. Just give it a try!

Main dishes


For cold and windy days

Crab-kohlrabi with lemon verbena

As side dish or bread spread

Filled pepper with matcha noodles

Deliciously vegetarian - nice as appetizer

Honey salmon in black tea marinade

Fine salmon quickly prepared



The green temptation

Panna cotta with jasmine tea

The perfect dessert after a proper meal

Muffins with fruit tea

Fruit tea is perfect for refining pastry


Sweetens your day